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Senarai Universiti Tertua di dunia

Berikut ialah senarai-senarai universiti tertua di dunia dan kite ptt berbangga dengan Islam merupakan pemacu bidang pendidikan di seluruh dunia. Alhamdullilah~

Sile tekan baca lagi utk melihat dengan lebih lanjut:

859 Flag of Morocco Fes, Morocco University of Al-Karaouine1
(Arabic: جامعة القرويين)
Recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s oldest continuously-operating, degree-granting university.[3]
975 Flag of Egypt Cairo, Egypt Al-Azhar University1
(Arabic: الأزهر الشري�)
A degree-granting Jam’iah (“university” in Arabic)[1] with individual faculties[4] for a Madrasah and theological seminary, Islamic law and jurisprudence, Arabic grammar, Islamic astronomy, early Islamic philosophy, and logic in Islamic philosophy.[1]
1088 Flag of Italy Bologna, Italy University of Bologna
1150 Flag of France Paris, France University of Paris Exact date uncertain, founded before 1150. Teaching suspended in 1229. Split into 13 universities in 1970.
1167 Flag of England Oxford, England University of Oxford Exact date uncertain, founded before 1167 (teaching existed since 1096). Teaching suspended in 1209 (due to town execution of two scholars) and 1355 (due to the St. Scholastica riot)
1175 Flag of Italy Modena, Italy University of Modena and Reggio Emilia Due to the fact that it grew around the historical “Studium mutinensis” (Modena’s studies)
1209 Flag of England Cambridge, England University of Cambridge
1218 Flag of Spain Salamanca, Spain University of Salamanca
1220 Flag of France Montpellier, France University of Montpellier The university was closed in 1793 due to the French Revolution, and its faculties reintegrated under the Imperial University of France in 1808.
1222 Flag of Italy Padua, Italy University of Padua Suspended in 1237-61, 1509-17, 1848-50.
1224 Flag of Italy Naples, Italy University of Naples Federico II Closed in 1435-51, 1451-65, 1474-78, 1480-87, 1496-1507, 1527-29, 1531, 1547, 1562, 1585, etc.[5]
1229 Flag of France Toulouse, France University of Toulouse Founded in 1229.[6]
1233 Flag of Iraq Baghdad, Iraq Mustansiriya University1
(Arabic: الجامعة المستنصرية)
Established by the Abbasid Caliph al-Mustansir in 1233, the college was incorporated into the Baghdad University in 1962.
1240 Flag of Italy Siena, Italy University of Siena Closed in 1402-1404 and 1808-14.
1290 Flag of Portugal Coimbra, Portugal University of Coimbra Founded in Lisbon and was based there in 1290-1308, 1338-54, and 1377-1537.
1303 Flag of Italy Rome, Italy University of Rome La Sapienza According to the Catholic Encyclopaedia, the university “remained closed during the entire pontificate of Clement VII“.
1306 Flag of France Orl�ans, France University of Orl�ans 1306 is the date of the official Papal Bull that gave it the title and privileges of a university ; the universit� had been founded in 1235.
1308 Flag of Italy Perugia, Italy University of Perugia
1321 Flag of Italy Florence, Italy University of Florence moved to Pisa from 1473 to 1497 and from 1515 to 1860
1343 Flag of Italy Pisa, Italy University of Pisa There is no record of the university between 1403 and 1476.
1346 Flag of Spain Valladolid, Spain University of Valladolid Claims continuity with University of Palencia, founded in 1212 in Palencia [1]
1348 Flag of the Czech Republic Prague, Czech Republic Charles University of Prague Three of four faculties closed in 1419, joined with Jesuit university and renamed Charles-Ferdinand U. in 1652, split into German and Czech part in 1882, Czech branch closed during Nazi occupation (1939-1945), German branch closed in 1945.
1356 Flag of France Angers, France University of Angers Before being officially recognized in 1356, it existed as a renowned school from the 11th century.[7]
1361 Flag of Italy Pavia, Italy University of Pavia Closed for short periods during the Italian Wars, Napoleonic wars, and Revolutions of 1848.
1364 Flag of Poland Krak�w, Poland Cracow Academy development stalled early, re-established from 1400 onwards
1365 Flag of Austria Vienna, Austria University of Vienna
1386 Flag of Germany Heidelberg, Germany Ruprecht Karls University of Heidelberg Transferred to Neustadt an der Haardt in 1576-83, suppressed between 1632 and 1652, and moved out to Frankfurt am Main and elsewhere in 1689-1700.[8]
1391 Flag of Italy Ferrara, Italy University of Ferrara There was no teaching in 1794-1824 and 1848-50.[2]
1404 Flag of Italy Turin, Italy University of Turin There was no university in Turin between 1536 and 1566 and during the Napoleonic occupation.
1409 Flag of Germany Leipzig, Germany University of Leipzig Founded when German-speaking staff left Prague due to the Jan Hus crisis
1409 Flag of France Marseille/Aix-en-Provence, France University of Provence
1410 Flag of Scotland St. Andrews, Scotland University of St. Andrews Founded by a Papal Bull
1419 Flag of Germany Rostock, Germany University of Rostock During the Reformation, “the Catholic university of Rostock closed altogether and the closure was long enough to make the refounded body feel a new institution”.[9]
1425 Flag of Belgium Leuven, Belgium Catholic University of Leuven1 Transferred to Brussels in 1788, shut down by the French Republic in 1797, reopened in 1816, reorganized in 1834. Since 1968 split between the French-speaking Universit� catholique de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve and the Dutch-speaking Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, still at Leuven.
1431 Flag of France Poitiers, France University of Poitiers1 The modern university in Poitiers was founded in 1896 by merging several schools. The old university was abolished during the French Revolution.
1432 Flag of France Caen, France University of Caen
1434 Flag of Italy Catania, Italy University of Catania
1438 Flag of Sweden Lund, Sweden University of Lund Originally part of Denmark prior to the Peace of Roskilde in 1658.
1441 Flag of France Bordeaux, France University of Bordeaux Officially founded in 1441 by a Papal Bull, it was closed due to the French Revolution in 1793. The faculties of Science and of Letters were founded again in 1838, but it is not until 1896 that it recovered its official status as a university.[10]
1450 Flag of Spain Barcelona, Spain University of Barcelona The University of Barcelona was closed by the Bourbon dynasty and transferred to Cervera after the War of the Spanish Succession (from 1714 until 1837).
1451 Flag of Scotland Glasgow, Scotland University of Glasgow
1453 Flag of Turkey Istanbul, Turkey Istanbul University1 Founded as a philosophical and theological higher education institution, refounded 23 July 1846 as a Dar�lf�nun (House of Multiple Sciences), and refounded again on 1 August 1933 as a �niversitesi (Arts and Sciences University).
1456 Flag of Germany Greifswald, Germany University of Greifswald Teaching existed since 1436. Closed down during the Protestant Reformation (1527-39).
1457 Flag of Germany Freiburg, Germany Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg Temporarily transferred to Constance in 1686-98 and 1713-15.
1460 Flag of Switzerland Basel, Switzerland University of Basel
1460 Flag of France Nantes, France University of Nantes
1472 Flag of Germany Munich, Germany Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich Founded in Ingolstadt in 1459, transferred to Landshut in 1800, moved to Munich in 1826.
1477 Flag of Germany T�bingen, Germany Eberhard Karls University of T�bingen
1477 Flag of Sweden Uppsala, Sweden University of Uppsala
1479 Flag of Denmark Copenhagen, Denmark University of Copenhagen
1495 Flag of Scotland Aberdeen, Scotland University of Aberdeen King’s College was founded in 1495 and Marischal College in 1593; they merged in 1860
1499 Flag of Spain Madrid, Spain Complutense University of Madrid Claims continuity with Estudio de Escuelas Generales de Alcal�, founded in 1293 in Alcal� de Henares
1499 Flag of Spain Valencia, Spain University of Valencia



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